Automate & Simplify Corporate Entity Management

Everything you need for corporate governance,entity management and stakeholder engagement

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How do you halve your effort, and 10x your results?

All the tools you need, to manage and grow your client portfolio.


Workflow Magic

Set them once. Followed-through forever.

Customisable Job & Message Templates make it easy for your team to manage their tasks and service clients reliably.

Save time coordinating and tracking client work. Onboard new team members effortlessly.


One-Click Wonder

Routine work. Reduced to a click.

Smart Automation eliminates time spent on routine tasks and client communication.

Without tedious, repetitive work, you can now manage more clients, and focus on high-value consulting work.


Everything. Anywhere.

One place for everything. A single source of truth.

Secure, cloud-based platform for all your client work and documents, accessible on any device.

Instil confidence with a world-class Client Portal. And scale your business rapidly with a distributed, global team.


Reimagine the Modern Corporate Services Firm

Everything You Need to Run a Modern Corporate Secretarial Practice.

Client Management Dashboard

Full-visibility and total control of your entire client portfolio — combined with key metrics and insights including client risk profile.

Integrated Messaging, Jobs, Documents & Client Portal

All client communications and related jobs in one place. Easily convert messages to tasks, and onboard new project members.

Smart Automation Tools

Reduce all routine tasks and client communication to a single click. And with document-generation tools integrated into your workflow, your tasks will simply complete themselves!

Trusted by the fastest-growing firms

Teams of every size have made Starboard the place to manage a growing portfolio of client entities.


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What is the Future of Corporate Services & Entity Management?

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