Simplify Entity Management & Corporate Governance

Everything You Need to Run a Modern Corporate Secretarial Practice


Client Management Dashboard

Full-visibility and total control of your entire client portfolio — combined with key metrics and insights including client risk profile.


Entity Profiles

Literally everything you need to know and remember about your client entities. Sharable and dynamically refreshed —making it easy to collaborate securely with selected external parties.


Stakeholder Profiles

Detailed Director & Shareholder Profiles— built for due diligence and KYC processes, and effective for stakeholder relations.


Company Timelines

Every activity, every stakeholder, everything that has occurred for a client entity — organized by timeline, and easily searchable.


Share Registers & Cap Table Management

A single source of truth — on corporate structures and ownership; and a never-evolving management tool for effective management of client entities and subsidiaries.


Integrated Messaging, Jobs, Documents & Client Portal

All client communications and related jobs in one place. Easily convert messages to tasks, and onboard new project members.


Job Management & Tracking

End-to-end project tracking keeps you in total control. With document-generation tools integrated into your workflow, your tasks will simply complete themselves!


Document Management & Generation

Manage resolutions, signatures andrecords of assets. Smart Tags make it easy for you to find and organisedocuments. E-signature and secure-sharing features enable you to collaborate without ever leaving the platform.


Automated Audit Trail & Secured Notes

You’ll never forget a thing — with automated audit trails that remember everything for you; and secure client notes that you can share with your team,or leave private.


White-labelled Client Portal

24/7 Client Support is now possible, with a self-service client dashboard that gives them direct access to their entity details.


Smart Automation Tools

Reduce all routine tasks and client communication to a single click. And with document-generation tools integrated into your workflow, your tasks will simply complete themselves!


Automatic Stakeholder Notification & One-click Client Reminders

Automate and simplify all client communication — with reminder rules you can set, and message templates that save you time writing, copying and pasting.


Auto-Incorporation Tool

Automate client-onboarding and company formation like a pro. Starboard’s incorporation tool is a form, and a customer onboarding script on steroids. It impresses clients, while saving you time and needless data-entry.


ACRA & MyInfo Integrations

Integrations that make life easier for you and your clients. Incorporate a company confidentially, conduct due-diligence in minutes, and extract detailed entity profiles from ACRA at a click of a button.


Your Services Marketplace

Keeping clients up-to-date on your expanding capabilities has never been easier — with a ‘Marketplace’ feature that showcases your comprehensive list of value-add services. It’s like selling, without selling.

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