10 Ways to Pivot Your KTV Business. Legally

Two weeks ago, Singapore went from “we’ve got it all under control…” to “this is a total disaster” — with over a hundred new Covid-19 cases daily. 

All eyes are on the island’s KTV joints because the shocking spike came after a cluster of infections originated from KTV bars where, understandably, the practice of ‘Social Distancing’ was in direct conflict with the business model. 

While the rest of Singapore’s F&B industry bravely hunkered down under the new ‘Heightened Alert’ measures, KTVs were allowed to ‘pivot’ to F&B establishments. 

The problem wasn’t that they were allowed to pivot. The problem was what they pivoted to. 

So — with the benefit of hindsight, and with much annoyance on behalf of our friends in actual F&B — here’s how we would have advised KTV business owners. (Disclaimer: We are not looking for KTV clients!)

Dear KTV owner…

10 Legit Ways to Pivot Your KTV Business…

… without incurring the wrath of the entire nation.

(Hint: It’s really not difficult)

Audio-Visual Equipment Rental

1️⃣ Audio-Visual Equipment Rental

Events are still taking place today — albeit on a smaller scale. Weddings, parties, seminars and workshops… They all need audio-visual equipment. And we all know — you’ve got microphones. So, go sanitise them, and put them to good use.

On-Demand Meeting Rooms

2️⃣ On-demand Meeting-rooms

(… think ‘AirBnB of Meeting Rooms’)

This is literally a no-brainer. You have nice rooms — they are private, noise-proof and comfortable. And they have large screens for video conferencing. With capacity limits placed on office spaces, we need more meeting rooms than ever. 

3️⃣ Micro-gyms, Pilates & Yoga Studios

(… for Trainers With Small Groups)

You’ve got two rising trends in your favor here. We’re now more concerned about our health and fitness than ever. And… we have a number of people who are laid-off from their jobs, and looking to start a business as fitness trainers. With your audio systems for heart-pumping work-out music, you have the perfect micro-gym and fitness studio for independent fitness instructors.

4️⃣ Premium Board Game Cafes

Look, we know the dice didn’t exactly roll in your favor before. But board-game cafes can be a very good thing for Singapore. Keep your comfortable furniture intact. Just add a bunch of family-friendly board games, and you’ll create a positive, lasting impact — enabling friends and colleagues to deepen their relationships through good, clean fun and games.

5️⃣ Private Cinemas for Rental

(… this is your chance to disrupt Golden Village!)

Some of us need regular distractions from the stresses of work and family life during this pandemic. And some of us want to create memorable events for our friends and co-workers. What better way to support the lavish party-organizer — then to transform your KTV into a ‘Private Cinema(s)’ for rental. With a large screen and immersive sound system in each room, you’ve got an immediate pivot in your hands. Sell popcorn and soft-drinks to increase your revenue.

6️⃣ Small Group Meeting Rooms For Churches

Church venues may also be hitting capacity constraints due to social distance policies. You’ve got rooms for their small-group meetings. And you’ve got large screens and audio equipment to support their group-worship services. And here’s a massive bonus — think of how this pivot would clean up your reputation afterwards! 

Service Offices for Small teams

7️⃣ Service Offices For Small Teams

As we discussed earlier… people have been laid off and need to start an income-generating business. Some who’ve retained their jobs may be considering a side-business… just in case. We know that for a fact — we’ve been helping many entrepreneurs incorporate Singapore business entities. Instead of leaving your rooms completely empty, turn them into small-business offices. Find an interesting business that you like? Invest your profits from 2020 into a potential tech unicorn, and you may never have to run another KTV business ever again.

8️⃣ Luxury Quarantines Facilities For Inbound Travelers (Self-isolation Facility)

There’s one clear market need that has boomed exponentially — quarantine facilities. You may not have a view in your private rooms, but consider making up for it by creating immersive video entertainment for those who dig this kind of self-isolation experience.

9️⃣ On-demand Storage or Warehouse Facility

Your rooms have no windows, and may not work for some people. But as a storage facility, it’s perfect. There are families that have to return to their home country for a while, and they need storage for their furniture and belongings here in Singapore. There are entrepreneurs who are dealing in physical goods, and they need small-format, on-demand warehousing facilities. 

🔟 Art Gallery (or Photography Studio)

We have a ton of other ideas for (very) legitimate pivots for your KTV business. But we’ll wrap up this post with the Art Gallery. Again — use your cosy, sound-proof rooms to your advantage. They are perfect for aspiring artists to showcase their works because your rooms don’t expose their artwork to sunlight, and you can control every single element from spotlight to temperature and ambient music. Don’t think you can attract the right artists? Well, turn it into a photography studio for commercial photographers, for all the same reasons.

See? It isn’t too difficult to pivot is it?

If you’re one of those KTV operators, reading this in quarantine, while thinking about how to salvage your KTV business … you’re welcome.

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